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Δευτέρα, 11 Απριλίου 2016

OpenMPT: Δημιουργία μουσικής

Φίλες και φίλοι γεια σας, σε αυτή την ανάρτηση θα δούμε μία δωρεάν(από τις λίγες
που κυκλοφορούν)εφαρμογή μουσικής το OpenMPT!Είναι μία εφαρμογή με πάρα
πολλές δυνατότητες και που οι ειδικοί του audio editing θα την βρουν αρκετά
χρήσιμη!Απλά δείτε μόνο τα features που διαθέτει για να καταλάβετε περί τίνος


  • Native and fast Windows GUI
  • No installation needed, fully portable
  • VST effects and VST instruments supported
  • DirectX audio filters supported
  • Fully configurable keyboard layout (OpenMPT comes with key maps in various flavours including Impulse Tracker and Fasttracker 2 style, as well as a Dvorak layout) - shortcuts can also be bound to MIDI CCs.
  • Support for multiple sequences ("songs") in one file
  • Support for custom tunings
  • Suitable for live performances: Queue patterns, automate VST parameters using a MIDI keyboard, start and stop your modules with MIDI messages...
  • Templates can be used to quickly access often used combinations of samples, pattern, instrument, plugin, ... settings.

Editor features

  • True multiple document interface - open many modules at the same time and copy&paste between them!
  • Tabbed layout
  • Support for drag and drop in various places
  • Fast access to various places through the treeview: Load modules, samples and instruments directly from the treeview's built-in file browser
  • Up to 127 channels for editing (256 virtual channels)
  • Two editor modes: MOD / XM and S3M / IT effect notation
  • Many supported sample and instrument formats: WAV, FLAC, PAT, S3I, SMP, ITS, RAW, AIFF, 8SVX, DLS, SF2, XI, ITI, MP3 and more!
  • A versatile sample editor with useful features like sample normalization, DC offset removal, phase inversion, amplification, upsample, downsample, etc... You can even draw your own samples!
  • Record live from your MIDI keyboard directly into the patterns
  • Automate VST plugins directly from the patterns and write automation data directly into the pattern when turning the knobs on your VST interface
  • Edit one module in multiple windows, e.g. on several monitors

Audio output

  • Output via WaveOut, DirectX or low-latency ASIO, WASAPI and Kernel Streaming / WaveRT
  • Up to 192 KHz, 32-Bit, quad surround
  • Several interpolation algorithms are available
  • DSP units like bass expansion, reverb, equalizer

Supported file formats



  • Composer 669 / UNIS 669 (669)
  • ASYLUM Music Format / DSMI Advanced Music Format (AMF)
  • Extreme's Tracker / Velvet Studio (AMS)
  • Digi Booster Pro (DBM)
  • Digi Booster (DIGI)
  • X-Tracker (DMF)
  • DSIK Format (DSM)
  • Farandole Composer (FAR)
  • General Digital Music (GDM)
  • Imago Orpheus (IMF)
  • Impulse Tracker (Project) (IT / ITP)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Music (J2B)
  • SoundTracker and compatible (M15 / STK)
  • DigiTrakker (MDL)
  • OctaMED (MED)
  • MO3 compressed modules (MO3)
  • ProTracker / NoiseTracker / etc. 4 - 99 channels, 15 or 31 samples (MOD)
  • OpenMPT (MPTM)
  • MadTracker 2 (MT2)
  • MultiTracker (MTM)
  • Oktalyzer (OKT)
  • Epic Megagames MASI (PSM)
  • PolyTracker (PTM)
  • ScreamTracker 3 (S3M)
  • ScreamTracker 2 (STM)
  • UltraTracker (ULT)
  • Unreal Music Package (UMX)
  • Grave Composer (WOW)
  • FastTracker (XM)
  • Compressed modules in ZIP / LHA / RAR / GZ archives


  • MIDI (MID)
  • Uncompressed Wave (WAV)



  • Impulse Tracker (Project) (IT / ITP)
  • ProTracker 4 - 99 channels, 31 samples (MOD)
  • OpenMPT (MPTM)
  • ScreamTracker 3 (S3M)
  • FastTracker (XM)

Rendering / Exporting

  • PCM and Float Audio up to 192 KHz, 32-bit, quad surround (WAV, FLAC)
  • Opus, OGG      

Οι γνώσεις μου στην μουσική είναι μικρές για να δώσω κάποιο παράδειγμα, απλά
το εγκατέστησα και το έλεγξα μόνο το πρόγραμμα για να δω ότι όλα είναι οκ!

Απλό Setup είναι

Mέγεθος: 8.95MB 32bit - 8.15MB 64bit

Minimum specs

  • Windows 98 or newer (KernelEx is required on Windows 98 / Me)
  • Pentium 1 or a better x86-compatible CPU
  • Display resolution: 800x600
  • Some kind of sound device
  • 15 MB of free disk space

Recommended specs

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • An x86-compatible CPU with the SSE2 instruction set, 1+ GHz and two or more cores
  • A large display :-)
  • A sound device with native low-latency ASIO support
  • A big hard disk for many modules and samples

Ram: 1g 32bit - 2g 64bit

Καλή επιτυχία!!! 


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